Chester Park

Infant School

Positive, Resilient, Meaningful

Our Learning Behaviours

Your child may come home with a character sticker on when they have been demonstrating our learning behaviours, below you can see which behaviour each character represents:


Perseverance means not giving up and trying new ways of working even when things get tricky. Our character for showing perseverance is Gerald the Giraffe who didn’t give up dancing and believing in himself. When we persevere we might say “I have been trying and trying, again and again, I did not give up”.


We are curious when we ask questions and explore the world around us. Our character to remind us to show curiosity is Curious George. Curious George likes finding out about new things. When we are showing curiosity we might ask a lot of questions and say “I want to find out more”.


When we cooperate we help each other to understand our learning and complete activities together. We remember The Emperor Penguins to remind us to cooperate as they work together to get things done. When we are working together like The Emperor Penguins we might say “I have been working cooperatively” and “I have shown cooperation by helping my friend”.

Making links

We can make links in our learning when we spot patterns and notice things that are the same or similar. Anansi the Spider spots the ways in which things are linked. We say “I can make links in my learning”.


We can show initiative by thinking of ways to help ourselves or identifying things we could do to improve our learning. The Mouse thinks for himself and finds ways of working independently. We can say “I’ve been working for myself” when working independently and showing initiative.


We can be resilient by sharing worries we have and knowing how to get help when we feel cross or upset. Tigger is resilient as he always bounces back even when he finds things hard. We can say “I have been able to bounce back” when we are showing resilience.

Growth Mindset

If we are showing any of these learning behaviours, we showing a growth mindset just like The Yeti.