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Rabbit Class

Welcome to Rabbit Class!

Our reception children started the term with a whiz, pop, bang! We looked at fireworks and explored a range of firework themed poems, thinking about how they sound and move and creating a dance and artwork in response to this. Our focus text for this term is the Gingerbread Man and we have been learning how to retell the story using actions and our voices. We have been using our sounds to write speech bubbles and labels and have been creating our own story maps. We will be reading instructions so we can make some gingerbread people and will be writing our own recipes. Children have really been enjoying our daily phonics sessions and are using all the sounds they have picked up in their reading and writing.


In mathematics we have been doing lots of counting, making sure we say the numbers in order and that we count carefully, touching each object as we say a number name. We have been exploring the concepts of 'more', 'fewer' and 'same' and as the term progresses will be looking at recognising and forming numbers correctly using the rhymes to help us recall how to write them. We will be exploring weight and the vocabulary associated with it towards the end of the term.


We will be looking at different religious celebrations, the children have really enjoyed finding out about Diwali through video clips and through their peers own experiences. They have created their own rangoli and mehndi patterns and have made some really beautiful diya lamps that they will take home and share with you. We will be looking at the Christmas story and whilst we cannot have a traditional nativity play this year the children have already started practising some special Christmas songs to share with you. We will be doing lots of Christmas themed crafts and will be making some wonderful winter themed creations. We will be looking at the world around us and talk about the seasonal changes as we move from Autumn into Winter.