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Rabbit Class

Welcome to Rabbit Class!


Our reception children will start the term by travelling on a magic carpet and visit different countries along the way, trying out foods, listening to music and creating pictures. They will learn about the people and their culture as well as buildings or animals that make these countries special.  We will use the text ‘My Granny went to market’ as a starting point as we explore the world in which we live.




Our focus text for this term is The Train Ride. We will retell the story using actions and our voices and talk about the different settings the train passes through. We will use our developing sound knowledge as we write labels, postcards and story maps. Some of us will describe the route using the words ‘first’, ‘then’, ‘next’ and ‘finally’. In our reading, the children will continue to be sound detectives as they engage in a range of appropriate books and build on their fluency to read with expression. Our daily phonics sessions will continue to consolidate their phase 2 and 3 sounds as we begin to read longer words.


In mathematics we will continue to build on our number knowledge by representing the numbers 9 and 10 in different ways and noticing that they can be arranged into small groups e.g. I know it is 9 because I see 3, 3 and 3. The children will explore number bonds to 10 using real objects in different contexts. Then we will be building and identifying numbers to 20 using a range of resources, recognising that larger numbers are composed of a full 10 and part of the next 10. We will end the term by creating our own mathematical stories using the first, then, now structure thus developing our understanding of addition and subtraction.


The children will be visiting Forest School, exploring the seasonal changes as we move from Spring into Summer. In our own outdoor learning space, we will be growing some seeds and planting up our flower beds so we will be busy looking after our environment. Also, we haven’t forgotten about our tadpoles and will continue to observe their changes from frogspawn into small ‘frog lets’. We will be thinking about how we could improve our spaces and what we would like to have in our environment. Although we can’t visit our local area at present, we will be watching videos of places within our local area and share our thoughts on our likes and dislikes. The children will create maps of their route to school, identifying key features they may see. Within our creative work, we will be designing and building our own junk model boats, adapting our work and considering how we could make our boats better. We will be using our developing fine motor skills to make pop up puppets as we fold, cut and attach the materials together and use a range of tools.