Chester Park

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Otter Class

Welcome to Otter Class!


This term started with a letter from the Lollipop lady.  In it she explained how she was worried about the health and safety of the children at Chester Park Infant School.  She described some of the issues, including how cars drive fast along Lodge Causeway, people park in the wrong places, exhaust fumes fill the air and how some people do not know about road safety.  The children were inspired to write a letter back and we have decided to make our new topic ‘What impact can I have on my world?’.  We will be using the amazing book ‘Dear Earth’ by Isabel Otter and Clara Anganuzzi to help us write a similar journey story. 


We will be developing our vocabulary and using a wide range of conjunctions to help bring our writing to life!


This term we will be learning about fractions and the importance of understanding how fractions are a part of a whole.  We will be finding fractions of amounts, shapes, lengths and quantities. Using reasoning we will explain why we came to a particular solution to a problem.  As the term progresses we will recap our understanding of measures and read scales using length, mass and capacity.  Having learnt about addition and subtraction in term 2 we will revisit this and answer word problems based on measures.

In our topic lessons we will be learning about how we can make a difference to the world around us.  We will be discussing ways we can help the lollipop lady.  We will be doing a traffic count to find out how much traffic uses Lodge Causeway.  Later on in the term we will be writing persuasive letters to parents to make them aware of the issues with parking, speeding and road safety.  Having done this we will be writing an article for the Fishponds Voice about the issues in our local area.  We will be designing and making posters to highlight the issues we have found out about.