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Badger Class

Welcome to Badger Class!


Term 6 will be getting off to a roaring start with the appearance of mysterious eggs that arrive in the Reception playground.  The children will be given the opportunity to explore the eggs and make predictions about what might be inside.  Will anyone guess that some prehistoric creatures are going to emerge?!  This will lead us into our topic of the term ‘Amazing Creatures’.   


Our literacy will be focused around the book ‘If I had a Dinosaur’, written by Gabby Dawney and illustrated by Alex Barrow.  We will use this as a prompt to encourage some really exciting creative writing, encouraging the children to write for longer and using a wider variety of words.  This will be supported by our phonics teaching with children moving further along our scheme and becoming more confident in writing more complex words. 


In maths we will begin by using real objects to see that the quantity of a group can be changed by taking items away and will create our own mathematical stories. As well as counting all, we will be developing our skills in subtizing, where we just know a value for example, we know if it is a 5 by the arrangement of the spots on a dice. Then we will move onto doubling and learn that double means ‘twice as many’ and by able to say are doubles as we build them; ‘Double 2 is 4’. Finally, we will end the term by exploring the concept of sharing and groupings, knowing that sharing fairly means that everyone has the same and be able to say when items have not been shared fairly. This will lead into us noticing that some quantities can be grouped into pairs and some will have one left over.


We have our fingers crossed for some sunny weather and will be having a Sports Day and Sports Week to make the most of sunshine.  Forest school will also be continuing for this term.  We will also be introducing the children to our Dancercise which is fun music and dance routine that will help the children with their gross motor skills .