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Bumblebee Class

Welcome to Bumblebee Class!



Hello, I am Miss Wilson. I teach in Bumblebee class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I love Phonics and Reading and I can't wait to share lots of fun games and activities to help you learn new words and letter sounds. We do lots of counting in Year 1 and we will start in September with numbers to 30, then, later in the year we will be counting forward and back to 100 in lots of different ways! Being a Bumblebee is very special, we always work together and have lots of fun. I can't wait to see you all after the Summer holidays. 





My name is Miss Kirk and I will be your teacher in Year 1. I am very excited to meet you and be your teacher, we will have lots of fun in Year 1! I love to bake! I bake lots of things like cakes, muffins, bread... anything that is really tasty to eat with a hot chocolate. I also love animals and exercise, I enjoying going for a run around the park or near the suspension bridge! I was never very good at running when I started a couple of years ago, but I persevered like Gerald the Giraffe and now I can run quite a long way but I need to practise getting faster! Looking forward to meeting you all soon and being your teacher... we are going to have a great year together!