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When the Queen came to Bristol.

When the Queen came to Bristol


We waited for the taxi and when it came we got in and Mr Ahmed drove us to see the Queen. We waited for her to come and then she got out of her car and went to see lots of things in the theatre. Then she came out and got the flowers from Evie. Then we walked along to see the police horse. Then we got back in the taxi and drove back to school.




We went in a taxi to see the Queen. When we got there we had to stand around for quite a long time and when the Queen arrived in her car she went straight in the theatre because it was raining. While she was in there, I was allowed through the barrier and when the Queen came out I gave her the flowers from the school. She said “are those for me too?” and I said “yes” then she got back in the car. 


Then we walked a bit and waited for Mr Ahmed to come back in his taxi. I felt very, very happy.




First we got in the taxi and went to King Street. Mr Ahmed dropped us off and we walked to our place by the theatre. We waited a little while and then the Queen came in a big car with the Duke of Edinburgh. She was wearing a pink coat and a hat with a big bow on. She went in the theatre and we waited for three quarters of an hour. She came back out and Evie gave the Queen flowers from everyone at Chester Park. Then she got back in her car and went and we walked past the policeman on the horse. Then we waited for Mr Ahmed.