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Read about the events we held in 2015-6

Family Quiz & Pizza Evening (17/06/16)

Izzy-whizzy, let’s get quizzy!  The contestants entered the hall with an air of nervous excitement, wondering if they had revised the correct specialist subjects.  They took their seats, bought their raffle tickets, picked up their pencils and away they went, with rounds on flags, books, theme tunes and all things Chester and/or Park, to name but a few.


Quiz and Pizza Evening

With a half-time break of delicious pizza and thirst-quenching soft drinks, the audience were suitably replenished and refreshed, ready for some more quizzing.   There followed more “uh’s “, “er’s”, “um’s” and “oh’s” as the questions were read out and “hmm’s” and “yessss’s” when the answers were revealed.   Prizes were given to the winners of each round and the raffle was drawn.  At the end of the evening, the quizzers left, knowing things they hadn’t realised they didn’t know. 


So, to the final question.  Fingers on buzzers...”To the nearest penny, how much did you raise?”  Well, the answer is...a brilliant, brain-teasing £192.69. 


         Quiz and Pizza Evening     Quiz and Pizza Evening     Quiz and Pizza Evening


Family Disco (07/05/16)

As the queue built, the crowd waited with excited anticipation.  On the stroke of 5 o’clock , the gates opened and in rushed the eager disco kings and queens, dressed in their finery, ready to show off their best disco moves on the dance floor.  But first, they needed to finish their look, with tattoos and glow sticks. 


On the dance floor, everyone was “Happy” to “Let It Go” and dance to “The Best Song Ever”, whilst singing “Don’t Stop Me Now”.  Meanwhile, the grown ups were able to “Relax” and participate in a beverage (or two!). 


When a rest was required from the “Disco Inferno”, the party goers were able to munch on a hot dog and wash it down with a well-earned bottle of pop.  As well as dancing, there was a lucky dip and a tombola, with lots of lovely prizes.


So, as the evening drew to a close, the raffle prizes were drawn and then it was back to the dance floor for a “Final Countdown” to the “Last Dance” before the last revellers left at 7pm(ish).  What a fabulous evening and, to top it all, you raised a toe-tapping, hip-wiggling £510.53.


Sponsored Treasure Hunt (Easter Holidays)

Avast Ye!  There be treasure in them there boxes.  Our swashbuckling treasure hunters returned after the Easter holidays, with their boxes overflowing with bounty. 


The boxes were brought into the hall, where the Friends checked the treasure, counted the pieces of eight (sponsorship money) and issued Letters of Marque (certificates) to all who took part.  So it’s with a Yo, Ho, Ho that we are pleased to announce that you raised £458.71.


Cake Sale (11/03/16)

The morning started with mouth-watering platefuls of cake being carefully carried into classrooms.  The cakes were brought into the hall by the children, where they were sorted and stacked by the Friends, ready for the sale in the afternoon (that’s the cakes, not the children!)


As 3 o’clock approached, the Friends waited in anticipation for the great wave of intrepid cake hunters to flood in.  And with a “whoosh”, in they came in a fondant frenzy for cupcake craziness.  By the end of the sale, we were all caked-out, but you took the biscuit and helped raise a jam-tastic £243.07.


Book Fair (w/c 29/02/16)

The Book Fair ran in conjunction with World Book Day and saw many of you visit either the school hall or the Hive to browse through a varied selection of books and stationery.  You bought a total of £348.35 in books and stationery, resulting in a commission amount of £99.34, which the school will be able to spend on books for the children.


Children’s Christmas Party (17/12/15)

The children enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon, with games and party food.  Father Christmas came to visit and gave each child a gift.


Festive Fun Afternoon (27/11/15)

We had a fabulous afternoon, with lots of people squeezing into the hall and adjoining classrooms to enjoy the activities and wares on offer, whilst Mrs Elliott played festive tunes on the piano.  You helped raise a fantastic total of £632.22.


Book Fair (w/c 09/11/15)

This Book Fair ran in conjunction Parents’ Evening and lots of you came into the hall to peruse the wide range of books and stationery on offer.   You spent a total £401.94 on books and stationery.  The Pointer sticks were particularly popular.  As a result, the school earned  £160.78 in commission, which will be used to buy books for the children.


Cake Sale (21/10/15)

We had a great response, with lots of delicious-looking cakes being brought in for the sale.  Lots of you came into the hall to buy the delectable  delights on offer.  As a result, you raised a yum-tastic £258.20.  Any cakes left over at the end of the sale were gratefully received by the Julian Trust.


Harvest Festival (14/10/15)

This year, for the first time, we saw the reception children enjoy their own Harvest assembly in the school hall.  Year 1 and 2 children held their assembly, as usual, in a packed St John’s Church, in front of many proud parents, grandparents and carers.  After a collection of Harvest donations, the singing, acting and dancing began…and we were served up a treat! 


The Harvest Loaf was presented by the Friends during the assembly.  Afterwards, the children returned to school and the Friends took the Harvest Loaf to each classroom, allowing all the children to have a closer look and to talk about it.  The loaf was then cut up and shared amongst the children and teachers.