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Find out what your money has bought for the school

How do we help the school?

We use the money you raise to donate equipment and “extras” to the school.  These are used for the benefit of all the children of Chester Park Infant School, both present and future.


“The hard work and dedication of the Friends Association is greatly appreciated. Without their support, many social events would not take place and additional resources would not be available for the children to support their learning.

Miss Madeleine Orr, Interim Headteacher


Each year, we donate a Harvest loaf, which forms part of the Harvest Festival.   Afterwards, the loaf is cut up by the Friends and shared between the children and teachers.  Who knew such a small piece of bread could bring so much joy!


We supply the reflectors which are given out during Road Safety week.  These help to keep the children safe by making them more visible when they are out and about.  The food for the children’s Christmas party and the Christmas presents the children receive from Father Christmas are all funded by the money you give.


We earn commission on the money raised at the Book Fairs.  This commission is then used to buy books for your children to read both at home and at school.


As well as these smaller items, we also make larger donations, such as:

Nativity Costumes

The Friends have donated new nativity costumes for the whole school.  These are used in the Nativity performances, which are performed, each year, by the children.

Sandpit, Water Channelling Resources & Large Bricks

We have donated these resources for use by Ducklings class.  These items will help the children develop their fine motor skills, as well as their hand-eye co-ordination.  The children will be encouraged to develop their sensory skills, by touching, feeling and manipulating the sand, water and bricks.  These items will help develop the children’s language and communication skills, whilst promoting creativity and imagination.

Library Beanbags

We have donated beanbags for use by the children in the library.


These brightly coloured, ergonomically designed, beanbags, provide a comfortable and relaxed alternative to tables and chairs.  In this way, they can help to improve concentration levels and increase the amount of time the children spend reading.  Additionally, beanbags can offer both calming and sensory benefits to the children.

Mud Kitchen

The Friends organised the donation of a mud kitchen to the reception classes.  The mud kitchen was kindly made by Shields Carpentry and the materials were generously donated by 1st Aztec Windows.


We have donated a set of 30 Junior Illustrated Dictionaries for use by the children in years 1 and 2.


These colourful, illustrated dictionaries will enable the children to expand their word choices and develop their spelling skills. They will also help increase the children’s understanding of what words mean and how to use them, as well as expanding their grammar.

Guided Reading Scheme Books

The Friends have made a contribution towards the purchase of reading books for children in years 1 and 2.


These guided reading scheme books come in a variety of fiction and non-fiction titles and they aim to inspire and motivate young readers.

Maths Resources

The money raised from the Maths Picnic (May 2017) has been used to purchase maths resources for use throughout the school.


These resources will help develop the children’s skills in the following areas:

  • Basic maths skills – sorting, counting and sequencing
  • Geometry skills – estimating, measuring, and comparing. Area, volume, capacity, angles, shapes and faces
  • Monetary skills – coin recognition and money handling

Large Octagonal Sand Pit, Sand & Cover

This extra large sandpit provides plenty of space in which the children can play, with seats on each corner of the sandpit for the children’s comfort.


Sand play helps in the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.  It helps develop children’s sensory skills (feeling and manipulating objects and moulding the sand).  It also promotes creativity and imagination through role play and developing stories.  Playing with sand is a social activity, requiring children to speak, listen and develop vocabulary.  It offers an opportunity to practise and experiment with language.

Story Phones

We have donated 3 sets of these to the school.


A set of 6 individual MP3 player headsets, a loud speaking MP3 player with microphone, and a USB base unit.


These units are being used in the reception classes to help develop children's listening, communication and literacy skills.


Mexa Thermal Cook Station

A space saving, mobile, safe, cooking station, which allows the children to learn about food planning and preparation as well as different cooking methods.


The station includes a ceramic induction hob which remains relatively cool during cooking and cools quickly once the pan is removed or the hob is turned off.  It also includes a convection oven, with a cool-touch safety housing and a large viewing window.


iPad Retina / Mini 16GB Wi-Fi & Heavy Duty Case

We have donated over 20 of these to the school.


The children use these throughout the school, from reception up to year 2.  They are used on a daily basis and provide an exceptional educational resource to assist with the children’s learning across the whole curriculum.

Bee Bots

Small, programmable robots used as a starting point for teaching control, directional language and programming to children in the reception classes.