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Behaviours for Learning

Gerald the Giraffe


Gerald the Giraffe perseveres in his work.  This means he does not give up and he tries new ways of working when things get tricky!

“I have been trying and trying, again and again. I did not give up”




The Emperor Penguins


The Emperor penguins work together and co-operate to get things done.  When we co-operate we help each other to understand our learning or complete activities together.

“I have been working co-operatively/with other people”




Curious George


Curious George likes finding out about new things and is curious about the world around him.  Curious people ask questions and explore the world around them.

“I have been asking lots of questions and exploring/finding out”



Anansi the Spider

Making Links

Anansi Spider spots the ways in which things are linked.  We make links in our learning when we spot patterns and notice things that are similar or the same.

“I am learning to make links in my learning”





Tigger always bounces back even when he finds things hard.  We can be resilient by sharing worries we have and knowing how to get help when we feel cross or upset.

“I have been able to bounce back”





The mouse thinks for himself and finds ways of working independently.  We can use our initiative by thinking of ways to help ourselves or by identifying things we could do to improve our learning.

“I have been thinking for myself”