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Road safety

At Chester Park Infant School we learn how to keep safe.  This term we have thought about how to keep safe near the busy roads around our school.  The friends of Chester Park Infant School bought us each a reflector to wear that will help us to be seen when it is dark.


The Year 2 children have heard the Dick King-Smith story of ‘The Hodgeheg’ who learrnt how to cross the road safely with a lollipop lady (Road Crossing Patrol).

Year 1 used a set of traffic lights and a mini zebra crossing to learn how to cross the road safely.  They looked at how much traffic passes our school on Lodge Causeway and they all carried out a survey about transport.


The Green Cross Code

1. find the safest place to cross

2. stop just before you get to the kerb

3. look all around for traffic and listen

4. if traffic is coming, let it pass

5. when it is safe, go straight across the road – do not run!


The Road Crossing Patrol (lollipop lady) Mrs MacDonald came to talk to Classes 1, 2, and 3.  She reminded them to;

stop, look and listen


get off of scooters or bicycles


hold a  grown- ups  hand


keep looking and listening as you cross in front of the school crossing patrol.