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Welcome to Rabbits Class 

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Rabbits Class

This term we have been learning about different countries around the world.

Last week Leo’s mum came in and read us a story in Spanish. We learnt how to say one, two three in Spanish and danced to Spanish music with castanets.

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This week we have flown all the way to Australia and looked at some beautiful Aboriginal art. We tried different ways to create our own pictures using Ipads, paint and felt tips.

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We jumped backwards along a number line like kangaroos as we practiced taking away by counting back.

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Chester Park EYFS learning update Week 12.01.2018



This week we have been naming and spotting 3d shapes! · Ask your child to name a cylinder, cube, cuboid, sphere and cone. · Look for 3d objects around your home. For example a toilet roll is a cylinder, a ball a sphere and a box of biscuits a cuboid.



This term we are learning the story ‘Whatever next!’ · Ask your child to re-tell the story with the actions. · Can they find a box at home to make their own space rocket. What could they use as a space helmet? Baby bear used a colander. · Have a go at writing a sentence from the story e.g. ‘I got in the shiny rocket.’ or ‘He met a big owl.’ Remind your child to use finger spaces between each word.



Space We are looking at our own planet as well as different planets in the solar system. Talk to your child about the names of the different planets. We are looking at growing and change. Talk about how and where different animals live on earth. Draw your own imaginary planet. Decide what colour it will be and what creatures might live there!



We have started learning new letter sounds. We are moving on to 2 sounds together that make 1 sound e.g. ee in week. Week 1. x, y, j Week 2. y, z, zz qu Week 3 sh, ch, th, ng Try the games on ww.phonicsplay.co.uk



Chester Park EYFS learning update Week 20.10.17

Wishing you all a safe and happy half term holidays. See you back at school on Monday 30th October.


This week we went on a number hunt

· What numbers can you see at home?

· What Number is on your front door?

· Count how many sweets /pasta/toys do you have. Can you write that number?


This week we have changed our story to ‘We’re going on an alien hunt’

· Ask your child to draw the alien from the changed story.

· What did they see and feel in the new setting of the story?

· Can you change the story again at home and think of a different character to hunt?


Celebrating different cultures

Thank you for all the Harvest donations. We hope you all enjoyed the fantastic singing at the local church to celebrate harvest and the start of autumn.

This week we have been learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali. We have been making Diva lamps and Rangoli patterns.


Over the last two weeks children have learnt the following letter sounds:


s, a ,t, p, i, n, m, d

Children are starting to sound letters out with robot arms to read words.

Have fun over half term playing Odd and Bob on www.phonicsplay.co.uk using the sounds above.









Chester Park EYFS learning update Week 2.10.17

This fortnightly update will help you to know what your child has been learning at school. It will also have ideas to help you support your child’s learning at home.


This week we have been naming and spotting shapes!

· What shapes can you spot on your walk to school?

· What shapes can you see around your house?

· Draw a shape picture.


This week we have been telling the story of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt.’

· Ask your child to retell the story with the actions.

· Which part of the story do you like best?

· Can you describe what the bear looks like?



We have been learning about Harvest and the job of the farmer.

Practise singing Dingle Dangle scarecrow and Big red combine harvester at home.

At the shop can you see any fruit or vegetables that would come from the farm at harvest time?

Outside learning

We love learning outside as well as inside. The playground will be set up before school. Please do not let the children play with the toys before or after school.

Thank you for staying behind the white lines at the bottom of the ramps. This allows the children the space to independently enter and leave the classroom with increased confidence.


Remember the Reception gate closes at 8.55am.




 Reading Power Point workshop for Reception Classes

'Through the Keyhole'

The Foundation Stage children are all now in school and are settling into the school routine well. We are learning to develop friendships with others and are enjoying exploring both the indoor and outdoor areas together.

This term our topic is called ‘Through the keyhole’. We are very excited about learning who might have left such a mess all over our playground. There are bricks, sticks, a dirty bucket, straw and some BIG footprints. We are becoming detectives and looking for clues. We’ve made posters of our ideas, but so far no-one has seen a giant troll, big bad wolf, monkey with a wig on, spider man, princess or goat!

When we find out who left our playground this way, we will learn which story they are from and start to retell the story using actions and pictures. We will learn to retell the story using our voices as different characters and will act out the story with props and actions.

We will be heading offsite on a walk around the local area. On our walk we will learn to talk about the position of key places in relation to each other and when back at school we will sequence our journey. Whilst we are walking we will be looking at what the different houses look like, what is the same and what is different about them. We will see if we can see a chimney, roof, slate, door, letter box, window, window sill and mortar. We will hunt for different numerals on the houses and see if we can spot all the numerals to 30.

Back at school, we are looking forward to hearing all about different occupations. We are going to meet and find out about people in our local community.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you, so please keep looking for our pictures and photographs. If you think you can help out in our school we would love to hear from you. We are always looking for people to listen to us read, help with cookery, help us at our Forest school and to teach us new skills. Please give us a call or pop along to our school office to register your interest.

Science Week 2017

Making Fruit Skewers & Smoothies.

This week we have been learning all about how to keep healthy. We looked at the fruit from our story Handa's  Surprise and followed instructions to make fruit skewers. The instructions told us exactly what to do:

1. Chop/cut the mango

2. Put it on

3. Chop/cut the apple

4. Put it on


We learnt that it is important to have a balanced diet and all the different food groups we should include in our diet. We know that it is important to relax, sleep, have fun and exercise. We also learnt the importance of drinking water.


Our favourite thing this week (other than eating our fruit kebabs) was our 'Fruity family session'. Many thanks to all the parents that attended and/or contributed fruit. It was lovely to see the families co-operating together and we are sure many of you made new friends.


During our 'Fruity Family Session' we explored how you can make fruit smoothies using a bike! The children (and many parents) used pedal power to chop and blend the fruit together. The results were fabulous!


During the pedal power session, families used our outdoor area to investigate how many times they could complete an exercise in a given time or drew plates of favourite family meals. Talking to the children after their healthy learning session revealed the favourite outdoor activity was finding out: 'How many cups of water they could  get into a container in 2 minutes'.


This has truly been a memorable day for the children and we hope you enjoy looking at the photographs on this website or in your child's learning diary.

World Book Day

The Wider World

This term we are learning all about where we live and the wider world. We are learning about the different types of transport and how you can travel from one place to another. There are so many amazing things in the place where we live and further afield. We are using all our senses to find out about these special places in our topic ‘All aboard! Around the World’.

We started our journey in Bristol. We travelled to Bristol by coach and learnt about how transport has changed over the years at The M Shed, before hopping aboard a boat at Bristol Harbourside. We cruised up and down the Harbourside and saw the SS Great Britain, police boats, canoes, rowing boats and narrow boats.

This term we will learn about travelling to the seven continents across the world. We will learn about the animals and food from the continent. We will be listening to music from around the world and working out which instruments are being played.

Our text this term is ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and we will be learning to retell this story confidently. We will also be learning to read and write simple instructions to make pancakes, fruit kebabs, pizzas and smoothies. We are really looking forward to the smoothies as we will be using ‘pedal power’ to blend the fruit.


To find out more about our themed learning please look at our topic web.

Our School Trip

Class 2 started the term off with a brilliant school trip. We enjoyed having a picnic as we went on a boat trip down the river before visiting the M Shed. We spotted lots of different types of transport throughout the day and everyone liked climbing aboard the old bus in the museum.


We have been learning all about different types of transport this term. We started by having a WOW day to look at our toys, bikes, scooters and other wheeled toys. We explored and discovered the parts to our vehicles and toys. We learnt lots of new words which we are going to work really hard to remember and use when playing.

We started the WOW day by looking at Ms Price-Lee’s bicycle. On the bicycle we learnt how to find the chain, brakes and gears. We learnt how to put the chain back on when it falls off and also learnt how to stay safe when riding on our bikes, scooters and toys. After this we looked at our own vehicles and learnt how they work, what makes them go faster and slower.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been learning our Talk for write story ‘Oi get off our train’ by John Burningham. We have learnt to use actions and a story map to retell the story. In our story there are lots of endangered animals and we are going to learn how to use information books and computers to find out facts about the animals.

We have thought of as many different types of transport as we can and have a range of questions which we will be finding out the answers to like: when was the first bus made? what did it look like and who invented it? Who invented the first bicycle and what did it look like?

We have also been thinking about what people use vehicles for and are very excited to have a visit from the local police officers and their police car and hopefully the fire brigade and paramedics.


Transport day

To get our new transport topic off to a flying start we had a transport day. Lots of children brought in bikes and scooters from home. We rode and scooted around the cones, zig zagging across the playground. Everyone had a close look at how a bicycle works and named all the different parts before drawing their own wheeled vehicle. We had lots of fun and Mrs Twentyman was amazed at how good all the children were at moving around safely.

Practise your phonics at home

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