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Welcome to Otters Class

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!


This term Key Stage 1 are learning about the seaside.  We started our term with an exciting treasure hunt around our new building.  At the end of the hunt we found out we are going to visit Weston-Super-Mare later this term.  We are all very excited about riding a donkey and having an ice-cream!

During our topic we will be finding out about the animals that live at the seaside and making art work in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.  We will be locating and labelling our local beaches on maps and finding out about what the seaside was like in the past.

At the end of our term we will be enjoying sports day.

Out of this world


This term our topic is called Out of this world and it is all about space.  We are lucky to be starting our topic with a visit from the Explorer Dome where we will find out about the sun, moon and planets.  We are looking forward to seeing the night sky, filled with stars, above our heads.

This term a large focus will be on Art and design.  We are working towards having an alien party at the end of term.  In our classes we will be making model planets and designing and making balloon powered rockets!  What a busy term it will be!

Dungeons and Dragons


This term our new topic is Dungeons and Dragons.  This topic will be a History based topic looking at life beyond living memory by investigating castles, why they were built and who lived in them.  As part of the topic the children will be visiting Chepstow Castle in nearby Wales.  Unfortunately there is not enough castle left to see in Bristol!

To open the topic there will be a special visit from a medieval person who will provide the children with the recipe and ingredients to make an old medieval dish.  They will set the task of learning about medieval Britain in order to host a tournament in the last week of term.

We are also lucky enough to have English week this term where we will be looking at new beginnings.  Watch out for lots of dragons in week!

Making pottage

Making pottage 1
Making pottage 2
Making pottage 3
Making pottage 4
Making pottage 5
Making pottage 6
Making pottage 7

Rainforest Adventure!


This term Otters Class have had an exciting start to our topic.  On Friday we had a visit from Bristol Zoo.  The zoo ranger talked to us about the rainforest and allowed us to touch and hold some rainforest animals.  We enjoyed holding hissing cockroaches, stroking a snake and looking at a large stick insect.  During the visit we looked at animal skins and smelt tins containing things that can be found in the rainforest.  Did you know that chocolate comes from the rainforest?


This term we are finding out about the animals that live in the rainforest and why they live there.  We will be sketching and painting different animals and creating a rainforest backdrop using collage materials.  We are working towards recording our own rainforest animations using animal puppets that we have made. 


Look out for the new homework grid coming home this term.  We can choose activities to do from the grid which will help us learn more about our topic!

Mosque visit

Mosque visit 1
Mosque visit 2
Mosque visit 3

Bristol zoo visitors

Bristol zoo visitors  1
Bristol zoo visitors  2
Bristol zoo visitors  3
Bristol zoo visitors  4
Bristol zoo visitors  5
Bristol zoo visitors  6
Bristol zoo visitors  7
Bristol zoo visitors  8
Bristol zoo visitors  9
Bristol zoo visitors  10
Bristol zoo visitors  11
Bristol zoo visitors  12

Our end of topic learning in Otters Class was to make rainforest animations using our own sock puppets.  The children used pastels to create colourful patterned leaves and paint rolling techniques to make tree branches.  They combined their work to create a rainforest background for their animations.

Every child made a sock puppet by joining fabrics, felt and collage materials.  They used paint to add colour to their puppet.  In the last week of term the children recorded their own animations using their rainforest background and puppets.  Everyone had lots of fun. 

Let's Be A Yeti!


This term we learnt about inventors using the book Traction Man as a stimulus.  We know that inventors persevere and try new things just like our yeti does!  To start our topic we  had a visit from Traction Man himself who gave us a challenge to build a strong bridge.  We also took part in a puzzle it out day where we used our growth mindset skills to complete challenges.


As part of our topic we  learnt about different materials, tested their strength and looked at how they could be changed.  We looked at different bridge types and explored ways to make our bridge designs strong.


This term we found out about other inventors including Isambard Kingdom Brunel who designed many important things in Bristol.  We enjoyed visiting the SS Great Britain to find out more about him.  We saw inside the ship and even went underneath.  We were amazed at the size of the propeller and rudder!

Our New Academic Year

We have all settled well into Otters with Mrs Davies and Mrs Noble. This term we have Mrs Foxwell, Mrs Hopkinson-Hassell and Mrs Bateman working with us.


We have been enjoying our topic 'Let's go to the ball!' and have learnt to retell the story of Cinderella using a story map and actions. We have also enjoyed reading an alternative version of the story of Cinderella, a story called Prince Cinders. We have particularly liked the effects that the magic has on Prince Cinders from the dirty fairy. This fairy is not as good as the fairy godmother in Cinderella! We have been able to talk about the similarities and differences between the two stories and write our own versions.

In Maths we have all been focusing on place value. Year 1 have been securing their knowledge of place value up to 30 and Year 2 have been working with numbers up to 100. We have used lots of different resources (Numicon, Base 10, coins, number lines, bead strings) to help us with our learning and have had to demonstrate our knowledge in a variety of activities including reasoning questions.


We're really looking forward to our end of topic ball!


It’s really important that we remember to practise our reading every day at home along with our keywords reading and spellings. Reading books can be changed any day as soon as we come into the classroom in the morning.

Practise your phonics at home

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