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Sports Morning Arrangements

6th July 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,


We will be holding our Sports morning on Monday 23rd July (weather permitting!). The children will need to wear daps, tee shirts and shorts to school on this day. Sun hats to be worn and sun block applied at home please. We have these rules to keep EVERY CHILD SAFE.


Procedures for Health & Safety

  1. children come to school as usual and parents/carers then make their way to Chester Park Junior School’s Playing Field for a 9.30am start. Please stand in the designated area for spectators along the track. Do not stand behind the finish line.


  1. walk to the field in their classes supervised by staff. When the children arrive they stay with their teacher. Waving to Mum or Dad is fine but please don't encourage children to run over to you. No-one should cross the track to talk to the children or give them items. This is for your child’s security.


  1. child takes part in a race. After the sports the children have a drink and play. For safety reasons they do not play until all spectators have left, we don't want to lose anyone!


Adults taking part in the adult race do so at their own risk and are strongly advised to wear non-slip footwear.


  1. Day is a fun event. We do ask everyone to do their best and finish with a smile on their face. Every child who takes part gets a sticker. If anyone has a gazebo that they would be able to lend us for the day we would be very grateful.


Yours sincerely,


Mrs E Noble

Acting Deputy Headteacher.