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Literacy & Art Week

This week we have celebrated storytelling in our Literacy and Art Week. At the start of the week we discovered a story chair had been left in the school but all of the story books were blank so we have filled the pages with our own stories and pictures. On Tuesday the school had a visit from a storyteller to help us learn how to tell stories using words, actions and music.


Reception year have had a visit from aliens who like to steal socks. They visited Fishponds Library to find some more stories to share and wrote their own books about the aliens. To keep the aliens feet warm they made their own pair of patterned socks.


Year 1 visited Fishponds Library at the start of the week to gain some inspiration for their own book and have written books about the Three Little Pigs. They have made models and explored different ways to illustrate their books.


Year 2 worked with the storyteller to create their own stories. They used animation to make a short story into a film and wrote individual books based on Jack and the Beanstalk.