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'Moving on Up'

Moving on up!


The children were given a challenge at the beginning of term 4- to design and build a vehicle that could transport Miss Tyte’s ‘mini-me’ across the playground.

 The children in classes 1, 2 and 3 followed instructions to join recycled materials together to make a string propelled rocket. The children had to cut the correct length of string after measuring the length of the playground. Look at our photos and you will see the rocket that mini Miss Tyte travelled in.

Classes 4 and 5 designed a winding mechanism that would pull their car ferry carefully across the width of the playground to get mini Miss Tyte to her destination.  First the children estimated the width of the playground and then used metre sticks to measure the exact distance. Then they used this information for the length of string that would need to put on the winder. It worked really well and got mini Miss Tyte safely across.

Classes 6, 7 and 8 designed a wheeled vehicle that could climb the incline of the playground. They made it move using a pulley system and tested various axles before finding the best. The children timed the speed of their prototypes before agreeing the best. Miss Tyte’s ‘mini me’ completed her journey in style!

The photos show us all enjoying watching all the different ideas.