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Governor's Report and Impact Statement 2017 -18

The school sets out its planned forward progress in the school development plan and Governors monitor the schools progress towards these aims. The Governing Body look at this document on a regular basis to ensure that progress towards these goals is being achieved. The school improvement priorities are a standing item on all Governing Body meeting agendas and link Governors are appointed to reflect these priorities.


Link Governors plan monitoring visits to the school to meet with Senior Leaders and Subject Leads to assess how children are progressing. Our link Governors this year looked at numeracy, literacy and inclusion. The visits looked at subject action plans, data, books and pupil conferencing. A report is written following every visit which is reported back to FGB.  The pupil conferencing looked at behaviour as well as behaviour for learning. Governors have visited all classes on various learning walks looking in particular at working walls and displays. Though these were initially of an inconsistent nature these are now working well since the move to the new site.


There are also nominated Governors for Safeguarding, Health and Safety and Looked after Children.  Safeguarding is considered a high priority and as such the Governing Body have appointed a Vice-Chair with safeguarding priorities. This Governor has also been recruited for their safeguarding knowledge and skills. A safeguarding audit has been conducted as well as various health and safety walk arounds. These are reported back to FGB. As we have seen building work on the site Governors also monitor any health and safety issues raised at site meetings. The safe guarding governor and Chair meet with the head on a regular basis to discuss any concerns. These governors also conduct spot checks on the SCR on a regular basis. Pupil conferencing also ensures pupils feel safe and happy in the school environment. Governors will also be looking at lunch and play times to monitor the positive play initiative and speak with the PSHE lead.


The Governing Body is grateful that staff always make time for these visits and our inevitable questions.


Governors, on the Outcomes and Standards Committee, closely examine progress and attainment for all pupil categories, through the course of the year, and query any apparent under achievement. The Governing Body are pleased that the Leadership Team set academic standards as a high priority. Governors identified a gap in their skills set and have now recruited a year 6 data lead to ensure rigorous questioning of data.


The Governing Body has also utilised the financial skills of its other Vice-Chair when setting the budget and monitoring spending throughout the year. The Vice-Chair meets with the bursar and head on a regular basis and contributes to all documentation required by the local authority.


Governors attend all core visits and progress review meetings, which they feed back to FGB. Governors have also been involved in the implementation of GDPR.

The conduct of staff, children, visitors, governors and the general running of the school is governed by a series of policies which the Governing Body ensures are fit for purpose and checks that they are being followed. Governors also look at the school’s risk assessments on a regular basis. Governors monitor behaviour and safeguarding through regular school visits, attending educational visits and attending school events. Governors are extremely pleased with the behaviour of the children and are always pleased to receive positive external feedback.


It is primarily the Headteacher’s responsibility to assess the staffing needs of the school, although the Governing Body is always consulted with proposed changes to arrangements. However, the Governing Body takes safe recruitment very seriously and tries to ensure an appropriately trained Governor is present during recruitment.


The Governing Body strongly believes in the importance of Chester Park Infant School being at the heart of the community. We are very pleased that strong links have been made with our local churches and Mosques. We are keen to maintain and progress these links.


Governors are pleased that the building work to transform the school is progressing. We are very pleased with the new site and are looking forward to seeing the whole school site in September. Governors wish to thank the Bursar and the Headteacher for the amount of time the building works take out of a very busy working day.


As Governors we are never complacent about our own skill set and needs. All governors are encouraged to undertake training. The Chair also utilises the expertise of other country wide Governors via social media and would like to look into the possibility of a Columbus Chairs’ network.


Governors have spent a lot of time researching the way forward for Chester Park Infant School to ensure the best for its staff, pupils and the local community. Governors are looking forward to the result of the federation consultation.