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Welcome to Foxes Class

Teacher - Mrs N Whitelock

Healthy Us!


Lets Bake!


We have had an exciting start to the term by following a set of instructions to make golden gooey flapjacks! We have talked about what makes a good set of instructions and started to write our own. Later this term we will be looking at a story about being healthy... we hope to build on our understanding and knowledge of a healthy lifestyle. 


Money... money... money! 


This term we will be looking at money! Already we have looked at the value of each coin and started to use these coins to make different amounts. We will moving on from this to work out change and use our reasoning skills to solve money based problems. We will be looking at statistics to interpret and construct simple pictograms, tally charts, block diagrams and simple tables. We will be asking, answering simple questions and comparing categorical data.


Our main focus this term will be how we can keep ourselves fit and healthy.  Throughout our topic lessons we will look at what humans need to survive as well as thinking about animals and their life cycles. We will be observing in detail a range of fruit and vegetables to create our own paintings and exploring the use of thick and thin brushes. To close the lid of our topic we will be inviting parents into school to join us for a sports afternoon where parents can encourage their children!

Term 5 Topic Web and Homework grid

Amazing Places


This term we are looking forward to travelling to some amazing places.  We were very excited to find a huge rucksack filled with clues to help us work out the places we might be visiting. Our learning will culminate in an exhibition of the children's learning.  We are going to be finding out about a range of cultures, habitats, artwork and religions. 


In Maths we will be learning all about measures which will include learning to tell the time, using the language of measure focusing on mass and length.  We will be using a range of equipment and resources to measure.  In addition we will be using money and applying our knowledge to solve problems.


In Literacy we will be exploring the features of a non-chronological report and writing our own reports about an Asian animal.  Through poetry we will be developing our use of alliteration, onomatopoeia and similes.  We are looking forward to ending our literacy topic by devising instructions to make an Asian dish.  In science we will be looking at food chains and habitats in the context of Asia and this will be enhanced by our visit to the zoo.

Long,Long Ago!

Excitingly we have started this term with the Great Amaryllis Race! All three classes are competing against each other to grow the best Amaryllis plant. We have talked about what a plant needs to grow to ensure we get the best results. In addition to this the children have begun to grow bean plants and are testing the optimal conditions for them to grow. This all links in with this term’s topic of Long Long Ago.

We are enjoying getting to know the story of Jim and the Beanstalk and have compared it with the original story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The children have nearly learnt it off by heart and are going to be writing their own versions of the tale.

As a Year group we are looking at the work of the illustrator Arthur Rackham who was famous for his images of traditional tales. We are creating our own detailed drawings in his style using art pencils to add contrast.

In Maths we are enjoying the challenges of learning about multiplication and division and how they are linked. Later on this term we will be learning about fractions.

Our school trip to Westonbirt

Our reading morning