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Teacher - Miss A Ford

Let's Save the World!


In week 1 of term 5 year 1 came back to a bit of a surprise. There was rubbish everywhere! What a mess!


We talked about who could have made such a big mess. We came to the decision that it must have been the litter bug. We talked about recycling the rubbish instead of just throwing it in the bin and discussed why this is so important for our world. We sorted everything ready to be recycled. After that we designed our own litter bugs and used our super writing brains to describe what they might be like.


We can't wait to find out more ways to help our world and become world superheroes.

Topic web and homework grid

 'We All Went on Safari'


Year 1 have had a great first week back. This term we are going to be learning all about Africa with our topic 'We All Went on Safari'. We opened the lid to our topic with a super trip to the Wild Place. We all took part in a Madagascan workshop were we learnt all about the animals of Madagascar and what we can do to help them. Lots of us were even brave enough to hold a real life cockroach! We had a great time exploring the other animals that live at the park and learning lots about them. We saw lemurs, cheetahs, geladas and even wolves.


Back at school we have been learning about an African story called 'Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain' and look forward to learning more about the culture, music and art that can be found in Africa.'

Mrs Armitage's Vehicles


This term our topic is focused on transport. At the start of the term we had a look at a bike thinking about all the different parts and what they are used for. This led to us unveiling our book of the term Mrs Armitage on Wheels.


We learnt this story using actions and story maps. We had fun innovating the characters of this story to make it our own. We look forward to designing and creating our own vehicles using axles and wheels.

Term 2 Elves & The Shoemaker

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